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Issue number 28.3 Date Published 01/01/2018

Nutrition matters

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Nutrition matters

Articles section

Issue number28.3 Published 11/01/2018

Vitamin D in Canine Health

Nobody ever said that vitamins are an easy subject to understand...

By Valerie J. Parker

Issue number28.3 Published 12/12/2018

Breed and diet-based disease in dogs

When faced with a dog that has a severe problem...

By Giacomo Biagi

Issue number28.3 Published 12/12/2018

Dietary considerations for dogs with chronic enteropathies

The various options now offered by specialist petfood companies for a dog with chronic gastrointestinal disease can be quite baffling...

By Adam J. Rudinsky

Issue number28.3 Published 12/12/2018

Feeding behavior in cats

We all need to eat to survive. But for humans...

By Jon Bowen

Issue number28.3 Published 12/12/2018

The water requirements and drinking habits of cats

Water is one of the most basic molecules in the universe...

By Stefanie Handl and Julia Fritz