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Issue number 28.3 Nutrition

Vitamin D in Canine Health

Published 11/01/2018

Written by Valerie J. Parker

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Nobody ever said that vitamins are an easy subject to understand – and although they are essential for life, too much or too little of a vitamin can make a huge difference to an animal’s health. Valerie Parker makes it all clear in her excellent review of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D in Canine Health

Key Points

Various forms of vitamin D supplementation exist, but it is not clear what the best form of supplementation is for most diseases.

Vitamin D metabolism is complex and is affected by numerous dietary and hormonal factors.

Depending on the methodology used, vitamin D metabolite concentrations can vary dramatically, and interlaboratory results may not be comparable.

Dietary vitamin D intake cannot predict a dog’s 25(OH)D status.

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