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Issue number 29.3 Date Published 25/05/2020

Liver and pancreatic disease

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Diseases of the liver and pancreas

Articles section

Issue number29.3 Published 16/01/2020

Diagnosis and treatment of canine chronic hepatitis

Chronic hepatitis is a common disease in dogs but can often go undetected...

By Cynthia RL Webster

Issue number29.3 Published 30/01/2020

How I approach... The dog with altered hepatic enzymes

By Jordi Puig

Issue number29.3 Published 13/02/2020

How I approach… The cat with cholangitis

A jaundiced cat is not a diagnosis...

By Craig B. Webb

Issue number29.3 Published 27/02/2020

Imaging of the liver and pancreas

Imaging of the liver and pancreas can offer invaluable information when investigating possible diseases linked to these organs...

By Laurent Blond

Issue number29.3 Published 12/03/2020

Acute feline pancreatitis

Feline pancreatitis is one of the most commonly encountered diseases in small animal practice...

By Karin Allenspach

Issue number29.3 Published 26/03/2020

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in dogs

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is a debilitating disease which is underdiagnosed in dogs...

By María-Dolores Tabar Rodríguez

Issue number29.3 Published 30/04/2020

Diagnosis of canine pancreatitis

Despite the fact that pancreatitis is a disease commonly encountered in first opinion practice...

By Iwan A. Burgener