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Issue number 30.3 Date Published 01/12/2020

Canine Health and Welfare

Canine Health and Welfare

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Articles section

Issue number30.3 Published 26/11/2020

Canine aging and frailty

Our understanding of aging in dogs is making great strides forward...

By Frank Peron and Sara Hoummady

Issue number30.3 Published 10/12/2020

Injury prevention in service dogs

Service dogs take on various unique roles in today’s society...

By Tara R. Edwards

Issue number30.3 Published 17/12/2020

Practical nutrition for working dogs

What should an owner of working dogs feed their animals to ensure they stay in peak condition?

By Veerle Vandendriessche

Issue number30.3 Published 31/12/2020

Dogs and veterinarians in today's society

Dogs hold a special place in today’s society...

By Katharina Ameli