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Issue number 30.3 Date Published 01/12/2020

Canine Health and Welfare


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Canine Health and Welfare

Articles section

Issue number30.3 Published 26/11/2020

Canine aging and frailty

Our understanding of aging in dogs is making great strides forward...

By Frank Peron and Sara Hoummady

Issue number30.3 Published 10/12/2020

Injury prevention in service dogs

Service dogs take on various unique roles in today’s society...

By Tara R. Edwards

Issue number30.3 Published 17/12/2020

Practical nutrition for working dogs

What should an owner of working dogs feed their animals to ensure they stay in peak condition?

By Veerle Vandendriessche

Issue number30.3 Published 31/12/2020

Dogs and veterinarians in today's society

Dogs hold a special place in today’s society...

By Katharina Ameli

Issue number30.3 Published 07/01/2021

How to beat 'Dr. Google' in nutrition

When it comes to nutritional advice veterinarians are better than “Dr. Google”...

By Antje Blättner

Issue number30.3 Published 14/01/2021

Consolidation in the veterinary profession

The explosion in corporate ownership of veterinary practices has been nothing short of phenomenal over the last two decades or so...

By Philippe Baralon and Lucile Frayssinet