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Issue number 27.1 GI tract

A short guide to... Nasal feeding tubes in dogs

Published 05/09/2019

Written by Joris Robben and Chiara Valtolina

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Simple to use and remarkably effective, feeding a sick dog via an intra-nasal tube can be an invaluable adjunct in a variety of clinical situations and is often a decisive factor in ensuring a positive outcome in many cases; in this paper Joris Robben and Chiara Valtolina highlight the practicalities involved for optimal results.

A short guide to... Nasal feeding tubes in dogs

Key Points

Nasal feeding tubes are easy to place and allow easy short-term enteral feeding in dogs that are unwilling or unable to eat voluntarily.

Both nasoesophageal and nasogastric tubes can be used; there are advantages and disadvantages with both options.

It is essential to ensure the tube is correctly positioned on placement and at regular intervals during use.

A simple maintenance regime can help minimize problems with the feeding tube whilst in situ.

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