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Issue number 27.1 Date Published 01/01/2017


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Issue number27.1 Published 11/07/2019

Canine pancreatitis

Pancreatitis in dogs is a common and debilitating disease that may be acute or chronic in nature...

By Melinda A. Wood and Craig Datz

Issue number27.1 Published 25/07/2019

Feline esophagitis

Inflammation of the feline esophagus is an underdiagnosed condition...

By Toshihiro Watari

Issue number27.1 Published 08/08/2019

Canine protein-losing enteropathies

There are a variety of disorders that can cause dogs to lose protein through their gastrointestinal tract...

By Rance Sellon

Issue number27.1 Published 22/08/2019

Gastrointestinal endoscopy in dogs

Endoscopy is now widely available for the investigation of gastrointestinal disease in dogs...

By Olivier Dossin and Franck Jolivet

Issue number27.1 Published 05/09/2019

A short guide to... Nasal feeding tubes in dogs

Simple to use and remarkably effective, feeding a sick dog via an intra-nasal tube can be...

By Joris Robben and Chiara Valtolina

Issue number27.1 Published 05/09/2019

How I approach... The cat with chronic diarrhea

Clinicians will be all-too-familiar with the cat that has recurrent diarrhea...

By Craig B. Webb