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Issue number 27.1 GI tract

Gastrointestinal endoscopy in dogs

Published 22/08/2019

Written by Olivier Dossin and Franck Jolivet

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Endoscopy is now widely available for the investigation of gastrointestinal disease in dogs; Franck Jolivet and Olivier Dossin present a practical, case-based paper that illustrates the versatility of the endoscope, along with some useful tips on how to best use this diagnostic option in practice.

Gastrointestinal endoscopy in dogs

Key Points

Endoscopy is a safe and effective tool in canine gastroenterology, but it is only one component of the diagnostic work-up and should be used only when appropriately indicated.

Bi-directional endoscopy is always recommended when investigating dogs with chronic intestinal disease.

The clinician should decide if surgical or endoscopic biopsies are preferable for each case.

It is essential to take an adequate number of endoscopic biopsies in order to ensure an accurate histopathological diagnosis.

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