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Issue number 28.1 Date Published 01/01/2014

Canine and feline dermatology

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Canine and feline dermatology

Articles section

Issue number28.1 Published 30/07/2020

Miliary dermatitis in cats

The cat with miliary dermatitis is often frustrating for both owner and clinician...

By Catherine D. Milley

Issue number28.1 Published 06/08/2020

How to treat canine pododermatitis

Dogs with sore feet may at first sight be mundane and easy to treat...

By Rosanna Marsella

Issue number28.1 Published 20/08/2020

Anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic therapy in canine atopy

Successful management of atopic dermatitis often requires sustained therapy...

By Tim Nuttall and Debbie Gow

Issue number28.1 Published 27/08/2020

Dermatological signs of canine leishmaniasis

Both cutaneous and visceral forms of leishmaniasis can occur in regions of the world where the insect vector is endemic...

By Xavier Roura and Laura Ordeix

Issue number28.1 Published 03/09/2020

Cutaneous manifestations of systemic disease

Common diseases are seen commonly – but we must not forget that rare diseases can occur too...

By Patricia D. White

Issue number28.1 Published 17/09/2020

How to do an elimination diet for pets

For many vets, common challenges when conducting elimination diet trials include...

By Vandre Clear

Issue number28.1 Published 01/10/2020

Cutaneous vasculitis in dogs

The vasculature of the skin plays a vital role in…

By Elizabeth Goodale