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Miliary dermatitis in cats

Published 30/07/2020

Written by Catherine D. Milley

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The cat with miliary dermatitis is often frustrating for both owner and clinician, in that failure to identify the underlying cause and implement appropriate treatment can lead to frequent recurrence. Here Catherine Milley takes us through the logical process of working-up these cases.

Feline miliary dermatitis

Key Points

Miliary dermatitis is a common presentation of dermatologic disease in cats; rather than being a diagnosis, it is a reaction pattern with many different potential causes.

Lesions of miliary dermatitis are often easier to palpate than visualize on initial examination.

The most common cause of miliary dermatitis is flea bite hypersensitivity, and treatment with flea adulticides should be considered in all patients presenting in flea-endemic regions.

Many owners do not realize that their cats overgroom, either because they do not visualize pruritic behavior, or because they do not understand what constitutes abnormal grooming.

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