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Issue number 29.1 Date Published 04/02/2019

Kittens and young cats

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Kittens and young cats

Articles section

Issue number29.1 Published 28/02/2019

Emergency care for kittens

Kittens will frequently present as emergencies at first opinion veterinary clinics...

By Guillaume L. Hoareau

Issue number29.1 Published 14/03/2019

How I approach... Heart murmurs in kittens

All clinicians will have been in the position of detecting a heart murmur in...

By Meg M. Sleeper and Camden Rouben

Issue number29.1 Published 28/03/2019

The Cat Friendly Practice program

Cats and veterinary clinics may not be natural companions...

By Paula Monroe-Aldridge

Issue number29.1 Published 11/04/2019

Being friendly to cats… is it worth the effort?

The adage “a cat is not a small dog” is as true as ever, and many veterinary clinics seem to be geared more towards...

By Pere Mercader

Issue number29.1 Published 25/04/2019

Feline infectious peritonitis

Amongst the many feline viruses, the agent that causes FIP is perhaps the most...

By Elizabeth A. Berliner

Issue number29.1 Published 09/05/2019

The three-step kitten consultation

Feline-only clinics are becoming more popular and cat owners will often expect a customized approach for their pet...

By Cyril Berg

Issue number29.1 Published 06/06/2019

Tritrichomonas foetus in young cats

Large intestinal diarrhea is a common complaint in young cats presenting to primary care veterinary practices...

By Dan Thompson

Issue number29.1 Published 20/06/2019

Feline feeding toys

Many cats are subjected to their owner’s choice of feeding times and methods...

By Ingrid Johnson