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Issue number 7 Marketing & Sales

COVID-19: The telemedicine solution

Published 23/04/2020

Written by Susie Samuel

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The COVID-19 outbreak has meant that most veterinarians are having to consider telemedicine as a means of minimizing face-to-face contact with clients; this paper describes how the service can benefit both the clinic and its patients.

COVID-19: the telemedicine solution

Key Points

Telemedicine has been around for some time, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many clinics are now starting to use video consultations for the first time.

A dedicated video platform is to be preferred to enable delivery of a truly professional service.

A proactive approach to marketing the video consultation will help raise client awareness of the service.

Clients’ expectations are changing, and telemedicine may become a major part of veterinary services in the months and years ahead.

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