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Issue number 30.1 Nephrology

Front line ultrasound imaging of the feline kidney

Published 02/07/2020

Written by Gregory Lisciandro

Also available in Français , Deutsch , Italiano , Español and ภาษาไทย

Most practices nowadays will have access to an ultrasound machine, using it for selected imaging of clinical cases; in this paper Greg Lisciandro discusses how a structured approach to abdominal scanning can be part of the clinician’s first-line physical exam, and demonstrates how this can help rapid identification of renal abnormalities and related problems.

Front line ultrasound imaging of the feline kidney

Key Points

Point-of-care ultrasound is gaining more and more use in first opinion veterinary medicine, and can now be regarded as the clinician’s first-choice imaging method.

A structured approach to abdominal scanning should minimize the risk of missing important pathologies.

Many renal abnormalities can be detected using a standardized approach.

Recording ultrasound findings using specific templates helps to emphasize the objectives whilst imaging, as well as chronicling patient data for future reference and comparison.

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